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Currency Duration Report

This Excel template allows fund managers to quickly retrieve & report financial metrics from a web server (intranet) with a single click.

Front Door Quote Builder

This Excel for Mac template gave a manufacturer of premium & bespoke doors a simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain model to build quotes for clients.

Foreign Exchange Trades Bulk Upload

This Excel template allowed a trade validation team to quickly extract Foreign Exchange trades from emails, format & validate them and submit them to the trade booking system.

Daily Cash Report

This Excel template retrieved daily & weekly cashflows from a database for almost 200 funds then grouped and consolidated the data and emailed the results to fund managers.

Derivatives Trade Generation

This Excel template extracts derivatives trades from emails. The trades are validated and analysed to determined which CDSs, Futures or Swaps to buy or sell before submitting them to the booking system.

Bond Analytics Dashboard

The exceptions & analysis Excel template extracted data from a corporate database, consolidated and reported the results while highlighting exceptions and providing dynamic filtering. 

Portfolio MI Dashboard

This Excel spreadsheet imported financial results from a variety of sources to produce a monthly MIS dashboard for senior management at an Asset Manager which was automatically emailed as a PDF

Template to Create PDF & Email

This Excel template produced a sales order PDF to be faxed (of all things!) to meet a large client's needs.

The transaction amount was written as words from an entered number and inserted scanned signatures from a secure share drive.

Fixed Income Data Organiser (FiDO)

This large project automated the regulatory capital calculations for securitisation assets (think 'Mortgage Backed Securities') at one of Europe's largest banks.

Indiana – The Report Archaeologist

This Excel add-in sourced data from a variety of sources (hence, Report Archaeologist) to produce dynamic, parameter-driven reports for analysts i the risk department of a large investment bank.

Bond Management Add-In

This client needed a way to manage Bonds data which was currently spread across multiple spreadsheets. It used an Excel add-in to display screens for data in a SQL Server database.

Web Data to Excel Extractor

An Excel Add-In which allowed financial analysts to extract product data in bulk to Excel rather than copying values one-by-one from their website.

Thelonious (Data from Many Large Text files)

This Excel Add-In overcame file size limitations of MS Access by customizing the data each analysts retrieved and automated the process of creating PivotTables from multiple databases simultaneously.

Index Options Extract Converter

An Excel Add-In which imported a database extract in one format, enriched it with customisable business rules and then exported in another format for submission to a target system.

Index Correlations Report

This Excel Add-In automated the process of extracting historical financial data from a database and generating reports & charts which showed the correlation between indices & other financial assets.

Credit Migration Report

This Excel Add-In automated a series of reports for a corporate bank which were previously prepared manually (copy-and-paste). One report which consumed 3.5 hours now ran in 20 seconds.

Credit Assessment Manager

This MS Access database centralised and managed the process of assessing and assigning lending (credit) limits to corporate bankers. 

Using 'Automation', reports were generated in Excel and MS Word.

Vespa (Project Management Office)

This MS Access database helped a corporate bank Project Management Office (PMO) manage the budgets & costs of their million-dollar projects.

Reports were generated from MS Access to Excel.

Impaired Asset Manager

This Excel Add-In & MS Access database helped a corporate bank monitor and report ‘Impaired assets’ (loans which corporate borrowers were having difficulty repaying).

One View of the Customer Dashboard

This Excel template was an MIS dashboard to analyse data from various divisions of a bank. This provided a consolidated view of each customer to understand how much each was worth to the business.

Loan Collateral Manager

This tactical MS Access database helped a bank monitor the credit risk of over 10,000 structured finance exposures (loans) to large corporates 

for regulatory compliance (Basel Accord).

Staff Capacity Planner

Mortgage Fulfilment entails all the administrative tasks fulfilled after a mortgage is approved. This Excel Add-In & templates helped a bank track these tasks to monitor performance & balance daily workloads.

First Home Owners Grant Manager

This Excel Add-In and Access database allowed a mortgage bank to manage customer applications and payments for a government First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) scheme.

Mortgage Processing Error Register

This Excel Add-In and template reports allowed this mortgage provider to identify where & how errors were caused in the mortgage approval process to reduce costs and save time. 

Mortgage Application Tracker

This Excel Add-In and templates helped this team of some 120 mortgage assessors and support staff to track mortgage applications from application to through to credit decision.

Staff Manager for Mortgage Processor

As the client’s 3 HR systems didn’t ‘talk’ with each other, this Excel Add-In & database helped provide a consolidated view of staff skills, hours and absenteeism to manage daily production.

Mortgage Risk Assessment Template

When mortgage holders want to change the collateral (securities) against their loan, risk assessors must analyse & advise their mortgage brokers how this impacts the loan collateralisation.

This Excel template allowed them to do that. 

Alpha Course Manager

This MS Access database and Excel template helped a church group track all aspects of the ‘The Alpha Course’ it ran, including participants, helpers, costs, facilities and attendance.

Hardware Retailer Sales Report Builder

This MS Access database helped a sales manager for a national hardware retailer create a variety of sales reports from extracts received by an IBM AS/400.


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