Vespa (Project Management Office)


Corporate & Institutional Bank


The Project Management Office (PMO) needed a database to manage their projects and provide ad-hoc management reports.

Their own IT department quoted the business area a 6-figure solution which would take 6 months.


“My IT department is trying to sell me a Mack truck when all I need is a Vespa.”
So we called this database solution "Vespa" as it was small and nimble.
This database allowed the 6 members of the Project Management Office (PMO) to monitor the costs of each project in the department.
Analysts also wanted flexible reports.
These were created via pre-formatted Excel templates with data extracted from the database.
This solution was delivered in weeks for a fraction of the IT department’s quote.


MS Access, Excel, VBA

* To respect client confidentiality, identifiers including client logos and names have been removed from all screenshots and descriptions. Displayed names and values are fictional.


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