Daily Cash Report


Asset Manager


Each fund manager was responsible for multiple funds.
However, to see their consolidate daily cash summary required querying a web application.

This required one query per fund, which generated a CSV (text file).

Each text file then needed to be manually consolidated.
With almost 200 funds, this was time consuming and error prone.


This Excel template allowed a user to select a fund manager and extract all their fund’s cash balances with a single click.
This produced weekly and month cash summaries with a ‘Top 10’ chart.
Reports could be easily emailed to all interested managers.
A ‘maintenance’ screen allowed you to assign funds to each manager and email recipients for each report.
This cut the task from hours to minutes.


Excel, VBA, Outlook, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

* To respect client confidentiality, identifiers including client logos and names have been removed from all screenshots and descriptions. Displayed names and values are fictional.


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