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Mind the (Excel) Gap

When I moved to London in 2007, I found the fastest way to get around was the underground train network affectionately called “the Tube”. It’s the oldest underground train network in the world with the first section opening in 1863. If you’ve ever travelled on the Tube you’ll be familiar with the phrase “Mind the Gap”. This […]

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Combine Excel Ranges (without VBA)

I’ve been finishing off a project modifying a client’s existing spreadsheets. The spreadsheet allows a courier company to log various aspects of its delivery business each day with one worksheet for each day. One aspect they log is failed deliveries. One each day’s tab, there’s a table for delivery issues and another for failed deliveries.So far, so […]

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How to turn Excel into a Vespa

The head of the 5-member PMO team at this mid-size bank was exasperated.She needed a simple solution for her small team to monitor & report the costs of projects within the department. A single Excel workbook, by itself, wasn’t suitable for a team of five.She reached out to the head of IT development for a […]

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So why (the heck) is VBA still being used in Excel?

Here’s a common scenario I witness frequently, particularly in finance:A business manager approaches their IT Department in need of a solution.  Maybe there’s been a regulatory change, or they have a manual process which has inherent operational risk, or there’s a new product they want to trade.The IT Manager says “Sure, we can have something […]

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Coding VBA on the Dark Side

Have you ever wanted to change the colour scheme or theme of Excel’s Visual Basic Editor? Read on to find out how and start coding on the Dark Side.Coding VBA on the Dark Side If you’ve been coding in any modern Development Environment, you may know that many of them come with colour schemes. A […]

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Why learn VBA when I can just use the Macro Recorder?

Why learn VBA when I can just use the Macro Recorder? What are the limitations of recording a macro in Excel rather than writing VBA code? The VBA macro recorder in Excel is indeed a handy-dandy tool.For a beginner, it’s a useful place to start learning about VBA. Even for seasoned VBA developers it’s handy to […]

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Recording the history of a cell’s value

Here’s the situation. You’ve got a spreadsheet where you’d like to track the changes to some cell values over time. Maybe they’re stock prices, or exchange rates or input parameters to a model. Whatever. But when you change the value tomorrow, you want a record of what that value was last week.The Curse of Excel’s Track Changes FeatureThe first […]

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Getting Data from a Website in JSON format using VBA

One increasingly common task for Excel users is to retrieve data from the internet.
Simply, retrieving data from the web is the first challenge.
This sounds simple enough (and as you’ll soon see, it is).
But most people run into a roadblock with the second challenge: wrestling with data in JSON format.
Discover the easiest and fastest way to get JSON data into Excel.

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