Thelonius (Data from Many Text files)


Investment Bank


Analysts received a daily 500 megabyte text file for analysis using only Excel and MS Access.
Once imported into Access, the file size was 1 gigabyte (Gb).
Given Access has a file size limit of 2 Gb, only one day’s data could be analysed at a time preventing time-series analysis.


As each analyst was focused on specific funds, the solution was an Excel add-in which allowed them to choose and import just the data they required.
Each fund was stored in a separate MS Access database holding multiple days of data.
A single master database joined the individual databases from which Excel PivotTable reports could be generated.
Each analyst could manage what data they extracted for reporting, making the system “self service”.


MS Access, Excel VBA

* To respect client confidentiality, identifiers including client logos and names have been removed from all screenshots and descriptions. Displayed names and values are fictional.


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